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In 2006, Annapolis Wireless Internet (AWI) made Annapolis, Maryland the first city in the United States to offer FREE wireless internet access that was funded entirely through private advertising revenue, and not by taxpayer dollars or public assets. AWI’s Free WiFi service in Annapolis is still available to the over six million visitors and residents every year for up to one hour every month. For those needing more time AWI offers the most inexpensive monthly access plans in the industry.

Annapolis Wireless Internet has also successfully deployed wired and wireless networks and technologies to a wide array of clients, including:

• Fixed, mixed-application projects in the Chesapeake Bay area
• Mobile deployments (NASCAR events, National Boat Shows, etc.)
• Full service (WiFi/WiMax) to the North Carolina State Fair Grounds
• Free WiFi to outdoor areas in the developing Annapolis Towne Center at Parole
• 2 Mobile network deployments for the 2007 Mid-East Peace Conference and 2005 Presidential at the U.S. Naval Academy
• Hospitality venues such as baseball stadiums and conference centers

AWI also services it’s clientele with its marketing needs such as SEO optimization, design and implementation of marketing plans, and IT and network consulting.

Annapolis Wireless Internet has gained a reputation in the field for its expertise, low operating costs, and increased value of services. The AWI team is comprised of communication and wireless technology professionals who bring years of experience, authorship, and proprietary product development to every endeavor.

Annapolis Wireless Internet is uniquely qualified to deliver high-volume wireless internet services and technologies, owing in part to a proprietary network management software and hardware system called the WiDirect. The WiDirect was developed in 2004 by AWI’s parent company, AllCity Wireless.

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