Artists get creative for Annapolis egg hunt Saturday

What goes better with chickens than eggs?

On Saturday, Annapolis residents will get the chance to hunt for 20 large plastic art eggs hidden in the city’s Arts and Entertainment District — the same place where giant chicken sculptures already roost.

The eggs, which are 16 inches long, were decorated by artists at Creative Paradox Wednesday night. Some have prizes such as a silver crab necklace or gift cards attached to the exterior, and a golden egg has $100. They’ll be hidden after midnight Friday and the hunt will run Saturday until all the eggs are found. Anyone who discovers an egg just has to post a picture with #eggsgrande on social media.

“We wanted to grace the city with something special around Easter,” said Casey Johnson of Creative Paradox, who decorated his own his egg with thin slivers of tree bark. He thought it’d make it harder to find. Other artists painted the eggs, and one used a blow-torch.

“The artists did crazy things with them,” said Johnson, who is one of the leaders of Creative Paradox, a faith-based Annapolis arts center. Not all the artists who decorated eggs are members of the organization.