Baby Honey Bunnies Arrive at Great Harvest in Time for Easter

Annapolis, Md., March 20, 2012 – Hundreds of warm, sweet, adorable Baby Honey Bunnies will be featured at the Annapolis Great Harvest Bread Co., located at 208 Ridgely Ave., in West Annapolis. Our full-sized Honey Bunnies have multiplied and are pleased to announce the arrival of their Baby Honey Bunnies.

“This is a Great Harvest tradition we look forward to every spring,” said bakery owner Thomas Storm. “This year we are really excited to introduce the baby bunnies.  They are half the size and twice as adorable! It’s fun to hear about all the ways our customers use the full sized Honey Bunnies as table centerpieces, or as veggie dip bowls. Baby Bunnies seem to be a big hit in kids’ Easter Baskets.”

According to Storm, no two bunnies are quite the same. The artisans at Great Harvest handcraft each bunny. Like all Great Harvest products, these bunnies are so fresh there’s no need for additives, preservatives or dough conditioners. The kneaders and bakers of Great Harvest create the bunnies using five simple ingredients – freshly ground whole wheat flour, honey, yeast, water, and salt. You can ‘adopt’ either a full size bunny or a precious Baby Bunny until Easter.

In addition to Honey Bunnies, the bakery is featuring Easter Ambrosia Bread – a braided bread with pineapple, raisins, almonds, coconut and frosted with a sweet glaze – perfect for brunch or as a light dessert. The bakery will also feature its popular dinner rolls, and a variety of sweet and savory items to grace your Easter table.

Originally founded in 1976 in Great Falls, Mont., Great Harvest has more than 220 bakeries located throughout the nation including Alaska and Hawaii—all bakeries are individually owned and operated, and no two are alike. Great Harvest is known for handcrafted breads made with freshly ground whole wheat purchased from family-owned farms. The neighborhood bakeries create an array of legendary fresh baked breads and sweets, as well as specialty items during the holidays. Great Harvest mills its whole wheat daily. The fresh flour is used within two days to guarantee the best taste and nutritional value.

To adopt a Honey Bunny or Baby Bunny for your Easter celebration, be sure to hop by your Great Harvest at 208 Ridgely Ave. in West Annapolis, or call 410-268-4662 to place a phone order.