Customers dance a jig over Great Harvest’s St. Patrick’s Day specials!

Annapolis, Md., March 4, 2013 – Great Harvest Bread Co. is baking up something special for St. Patrick’s Day including fresh, warm, made-from-scratch Irish Soda Bread and Guinness & Gouda bread.  Also available is the bakery’s Leprechaun bread, an old-fashioned white bread that has been transformed into a green color by the bakery’s own leprechaun.

“We love the amount of excitement surrounding St Patrick’s Day,” said bakery owner Pam Storm. “Many of these breads are only available once a year, and people love them. We love combining the whimsy of our Leprechaun bread with the centuries old tradition of our Irish Soda Bread.”

One of the most popular breads this month is Irish Soda Bread. This recipe originated in the Irish Isles around 1840 and features a cross sliced in the top, which some believe wards off evil. The majority consensus, however, seems to be that it aided in baking and cutting equal quarters or slices. This bread became a staple of the Irish diet, served warm or toasted with a dab of butter and preserves. Together with the Leprechaun bread, these loaves will be available every day until March 16. Guinness and Gouda bread will be available March 7 and March 14 through 16.  Irish Coffee Cake is made with real whiskey and is being prepared each Saturday of the month until St. Patrick’s Day.

Customers are encouraged to come in the bakery for a free slice of this month’s specialty breads and treats. The bakery is located at 208 Ridgely Ave.

Originally founded in 1976 in Great Falls, MO, Great Harvest has more than 220 bakeries located throughout the nation including Alaska and Hawaii. All bakeries are individually owned and operated, and no two are alike. Great Harvest is known for handcrafted breads made with freshly ground whole wheat purchased from family-owned farms. The neighborhood bakeries create an array of legendary fresh-baked breads and sweets, as well as specialty items during the holidays. Great Harvest mills its whole wheat daily. The fresh flour is used within two days to guarantee the best taste and nutritional value.


Thomas and Pam Storm

Owners, Annapolis Great Harvest Bread Co.

Phone: 410-268-4662