Grandpa Roper Goes Digital

Grandpa Roper announces his stride into the digital world.

Annapolis, MD- December 6, 2011- This week Grandpa Roper announces he is going digital, taking his first book, Rat Bear and The Rabbits, into the Kindle marketplace.

“With the insurgence of e-readers into the marketplace over the past several years, it only makes sense that I move into that platform,” says Dennis Roper, Grandpa Roper himself.  “I plan to offer all of my works digitally moving forward as demand grows.”

This medium will allow his books to get to a wider audience and touch all walks of life, however they choose to enjoy their books.  In the future he will be releasing all of his books in both physical and virtual form from the onset. 

“Some of my books are customizable for each child, making the reading experience even more personal for each family.”  The digital format for Grandpa Roper’s customizable books will make those features even more real to his readers. 

About Grandpa Roper
Born in Michigan, Dennis Roper grew up to be a devoted family man.  Now his grandchildren are the focus of his life for whom he enjoys writing stories and singing songs.  For more information, please visit