Maritime Lecture Series begins Thursday, January 13

Running on Thursday evenings, from January through March, the Museum’s Maritime Seminar Series covers a range of topics in its nine lectures. All lectures will be held in the Museum’s Buck and Marsha Buchanan Bay Room, from 7 – 8:30 p.m.

There will be one hour of presentation, followed by a discussion period. Enrollment fees for Museum members are $60 per person for the full series or $10 per seminar. For non-members, fees are $95 for the series or $15 per seminar. To enroll, call the Museum office at 410-295-0104.
Thursday January 13 – William S. Dudley, author of Maritime Maryland, a History, 7-8:30 p.m.
Harvested for food, harnessed for power, and home to more than 3,600 species of plants, fish, and animals, the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries have long been essential to the sustainability and survival of the region’s populations. Historian William S. Dudley explores that history in an engaging and comprehensive account of Maryland’s storied maritime heritage.

Dudley paints a vivid picture of Maryland’s maritime past in its broadest scope, exploring the complex and nuanced interactions of humans, land and water through descriptions of shipbuilding, steam technology, agricultural pollution, commercial and passenger transportation, naval campaigns, watermen, crabbing, and oystering. He also discusses the evolution of recreational boating-yachting, cruising, and racing-and the role of underwater archaeology in uncovering the bay’s shipwrecks. These interactions become chapters in the larger story of Maryland’s waterways, a story that Dudley tells through insightful prose and stunning illustrations…