Meet over 20 Vendors At the Annapolis Maritime Museum This Sunday, October 23, 2011 2 – 5 p.m.

Come enjoy a glass of wine, more than 20 local Annapolis-based businesses will be featured, providing every service needed to help plan a family, community or corporate event, including caterers, photographers, and event sailboat charters. Take advantage of discounts if you book your event at the show!

Come experience the nautical side of Annapolis. The perfect setting for waterfront weddings, seminars, concerts and corporate gatherings, Annapolis Maritime Museum welcomes brides and local business to the Chesapeake Bay Bridal & Event Showcase.  October 23, 2011 2-5 pm 723 Second Street, Annapolis, MD

FREE Event!  Open to the public!  Talk in person with local vendors throughout the Annapolis area, including caterers, DJs, florists, planners and more.  Discover new ideas and taste menu possibilities.  Save time and money by exploring your options all in one place.