Stormy Weather

A Maryland Federation of Art Juried Exhibition at the
Annapolis Maritime Museum

January 15 – March 1


MFA Presents: An open-juried exhibition featuring 46 artworks by 38 artists. MFA invites you to experience this stunning exhibition and meet the artists and jurors during our special opening reception at the Annapolis Maritime Museum, Sunday, January 25, 4 – 6 p.m.


“Stormy Weather” opens January 15 at the Annapolis Maritime Museum and runs through March 15. “Stormy Weather” is a juried art exhibition depicting the sights, sounds, colors, impact, anticipation and more of weather and its impact. Jurors are Emily Gracey, meteorologist and reporter at Fox 45 News, and Barry Shauck, assistant professor and head of art teacher education at Boston University College of Fine Art. The opening reception will be from 4 – 6 p.m. January 25 with awards presented at 5 p.m.


Artists Include:

Harold Ashby, Robert Caffrey, Howard Evans Clark, Don Dement, David Diaz, Steve Ember, Deb Furey, Lee Goodwin, Sheila White Guevin, Peter Guttmacher, John Hanou, Robert Andrew Hofherr, Stephanie Hopkins, Elizabeth Perry Kapsch, Laurin A Keto, Jon Meyer, Michael James Mills, Claudia Minicozzi, Tess Olson, Linda Pearlman Karlsberg, Dean Peterson, Crystal Mitcham Poteat, Jack Rosenberg, Dick Schneier, Russell John Schofield, Wilford Scott, Gail Patricia Sims, David Stevens, Kate Stillwell, Murray Taylor, David Terrar, Gregory Thompson, Patricia Gillin Tice, Nancy LaMotte Trippe, Keith Wilkie, Max-Karl Winkler, Mike Worsham, Brigette Zelenko





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