Tax-Free Week and Back to School Savings

Annapolis, MD (08-10-11) Mayor Joshua J. Cohen and Annapolis Economic Development President and CEO Lara Fritts reminds residents to take advantage of the upcoming tax-free week for back-to-school shopping in Maryland.   For one week, August 14 through August 20, the sales and use tax does not apply to the sale of clothing or footwear items if the taxable price of the item is $100 or less. All accessories such as jewelry, watches, ties and purses are not tax-exempt. Also, school supplies are not tax-exempt.

 “As a father of two school-age children, it’s a great opportunity for parents to save a few dollars,” Mayor Cohen said. “Just make sure you are an educated consumer and look for additional discounts that may apply at local retail stores.”

 “This tax-free week is a tremendous opportunity for consumers to do their part to keep the Annapolis business community vibrant while at the same time saving a few dollars,” AEDC President and CEO Lara Fritts said. “We encourage retail businesses to promote the event to enhance sales in these difficult economic times.”

 For more information on what is eligible during the tax-free holiday, go to the Comptroller’s website at