The MRE Ambassador’s (Other) Ball & Mardi Gras Echo

at The Eastport Democratic Club  Saturday, March 24th  Doors open at 7pm

For those of you who’ve attended this event in the past, you know it to be the Best Party in Eastport. A perfect blend of Mardi Gras and Eastport hijinks. We like having a good time and that’s what this is. As Cowboy Fred says, “Yeah, you right!” To guarantee that, we’re adhering to our sure-fire recipe for Good Times: The mo’ hotta, the mo’ betta!

Absorb the Music! Do a little Dancing! (Do the Dawg, the 2-step, the Chicken Scratch, or Freak Out. Anything goes.) Wear some Costumes! (everything from Eastport Formal to Mardi Gras Outrageous) Check out our Food! (Crawfish, jambalaya, gumbo and mo’!) Drink some Beer! And keep your eyes peeled for Special Celebrity Guests.

For Music, we’ve got the kickingest Zydeco Swamp Rock band this side of New Orleans: Little Red & The Renegades

Sitting in with them (again) will be the Grandsons.

Tickets cost just $25 (cheap!) for the whole shebang – including beer! (Did we mention that already?)

All proceeds support the AM-FM (Annapolis Musicians Funding Musicians) and the NOMC (The New Orleans Musicians Clinic).