The MRE’s Annual 0.05 K Bridge Run To Be Held Saturday May 7th, Crack O’ Noon… ’til it’s over!!

 Awwww…. Still waiting around for that Royal Wedding invitation that most certainly got lost in the post? All dressed up, your new fascinator nestled oh so sweetly in its millinery box, and no place to go? Well, don’t sit around on yer bum next Saturday feeling left out like an ugly bridesmaid with two feet of single-ply stuck to her shoe! Forget all about Katie and “What’s- His-Face” because, my fellow Eastporters and Eastport-O-Ricans, you have a once-in-a-year chance to participate in the only event that (and I swear I am not making this up) Runner’s World magazine once declared to be “The least challenging athletic event ever conceived”.

Here are the details that you absolutely, positively, can’t function properly without, have to know:    Registration will begin at 11am at Fleet Feet Sports- Eastport side of Spa Creek Bridge, 318 Sixth Street. (Please park on the street, not in the Fleet Feet lot.) We have a limited number of tees so get there early!

Start Time: Crack O’ Noon (Foot of Spa Creek Bridge-Annapolis side.) Registration Fee* : $20.00 The MRE Revolutionary Council will award priceless trophies (hand-crafted by Cindy Fletcher Holden) to the swiftest and less than swiftest finishers. Prizes will also be awarded to various categories to be created on race day at the whim of race organizers. (You are encouraged to wear your royal wedding finery….’cause now you’ve got someplace to go!!! Hint. Hint.)

Immediately upon completion of this world-renowned celebration of racing there will be celebratory carb-loading and rehydrating with your favorite adult beverages at Boatyard Bar and Grill and Davis’s Pub. (Be sure to ask for the post-race specials.) While we can’t guarantee scones and clotted cream, we can guarantee you’ll be in THE places to see and be seen!!!

A word of advice to humans who run or walk with their dogs: Please start at the back of the pack so as not to trip the “serious” competitors in front, and take care to avoid the grated part of the bridge surface to avoid paw injuries. Don’t know if you can go the distance, but still can’t stand to miss being a part of the action??? WELL!!!

Stop by The Annapolis Maritime Museum this evening (as in Tuesday, May 3rd for the less than alert and oriented) @ 6:30pm and meet and greet this year’s elite team of organizers…..As usual, BYOB. *All proceeds benefit the SPCA of Anne Arundel County and METAvivor-an Annapolis metastatic (Stage IV) breast cancer support group.

Additional Information and press release can be found here: