WiDirect Software Version 1.5

ANNAPOLIS, MD, October 21, 2010 – AllCity Wireless announces its latest upcoming software release for the WiDirect product line: WiDirect 1.5.  This latest release has all the features of the WiDirect 1.3, with added centralized support for Engenius ECB3500 and ECB9500 access points, as well as BelAir’s 100 and 200 access points.  Version 1.5 also added separate pages for access points and bridges to make network monitoring easier and more complete.

Updated advertising support has been added to this version, as well as an upgraded advertising implementation process.  With the WiDirect 1.5, an administrator can effortlessly add a particular advertiser once and choose additional pages or spots for the advertisement to be displayed. 

The WiDirect 1.5 has upgraded its firewall and graphical interface for controlling VLAN tagging, VLAN Trunking, and sub-interfaces.  Access plan restrictions have also been advanced to include login time and number of concurrent logins within a particular network or access point.  The 1.5 coupons improved MAC based authentication as well as contains a new Radius version for simpler updating method for future updates.  Email alerts have been added when a user’s license limit is approaching to maximize network availability.

WiDirect Version 1.5 will be available late 4th Quarter 2010.

About AllCity Wireless
AllCity Wireless is North America’s premier provider of turn-key network solutions for the delivery of enterprise-class wireless broadband and municipal WIFI deployments. The WiDirect product line provides the back-office OSS software required to run all facets of a network, in a scalable yet simple way to deploy, sell, manage the user experience, and the network itself in any sales model, be it advertisement, fee based, or a hybrid approach. Information about AllCity Wireless can be found at www.allcitywireless.com.